ARTeriors Ducktown



An innovative pop-up art installation.

ARTeriors – Formica’s Bakery featured installations by six regional artists.



Ron Cohen, a sculptor, created “Bring It On!! Art in AC!!” Cohen believes that Atlantic City needs more art, and that more art in AC will be good for everyone.
Chung-Fan Chang, a professor at Stockton University created “AC Land,” which refers to the irregular compositions that connect to Chinese brush painting.
Sean Fitzgerald created a nongaming attraction – “ACBR.” His installation is filled with quotes from speakers at media events promising that ACBR (another AC acronym) is hyped to be a game-changer.
Aubrey Rahab, founder of South Jersey Poets Collective and a published author, addresses the difficult topic of narcotics addiction in her installation entitled “Seeing Orange.”
“Shine a Light” by Drew Dennis (Listen) is a statement on the plight of homeless in America contrasted with the wealth of mega-corporations.
Karl Rosenberg used spray chalk as his medium for his installation entitled, “Love Strong,” a large “rug” in the outdoor alley.